June 23, 2024

I grew up with a love for music and a fear for God, it wasn’t until I realized that there was nothing to fear that I accepted my path. Since then I’ve turned the passion into my music and faced the obstacles as my lessons. Musically i grew up in a time where the genetic code for legends grew rapidly, all from Rock, Jazz, salsa and of course my first love HIP HOP🎧

That’s when it all began to make sense for me. I’ve performed everywhere, all sorts of stages from tiny little pubs to the Showtime at the Apollo Theater, where we killed the crowd (not an easy crowd). But life took a wrong course through a progression of incidents that not only cost me a life, but also my freedom for a bit, and possibly all chances to achieve my dreams.

But again that funny thing life is SOMETHING special! And now I’m here to bring not only my passion in music, but a story that provides insight into living life thru second chances. – Enemee

Enemee is on radio rotation with the track “I Want You”.

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