July 13, 2024

26 year old Trae Shyne is an incredibly talented songwriter and performer from Spindale NC. He started writing poetry at a very young age and as he got older that transitioned into song writing. In 2006, Trae started by playing instrumentals on a plug-in radio and recording verses on a flip phone to send around to everyone he could. Only 12 years old, he was only doing it for fun. Fast forward to his high school days, they were give Apple MacBooks his 10th grade year. One of his classmates soon after informed him about an app called “GarageBand” ……… the beginning of something marvelous!

Trae Shyne began making low quality songs directly from his MacBook using nothing but a pair of dollar store headphones and a 2010 MacBook. Though the songs were of low quality they still possessed very impressive lyrics and flow. So impressive his whole school, teachers and surrounding schools in the district started to gravitate to it.

Making him highly popular. But… After high school there was no more free MacBook. It was time to turn the page in life and prepare for adulthood. His family was far from rich growing up. Mom worked 2 jobs and missed a lot time at home to make ends meet for Trae and his older brother Michael (AKA L.O.).

After becoming a father in 2013, Trae developed a real burning passion for music. He started taking it more serious, perhaps TOO serious if you let him tell it. He grew hungry, he grew anxious, so anxious he lost himself.

Surrounded by people that didn’t have pure intentions for him he sort of lost his own way. After separating from the pack and becoming a lone-wolf he found himself again. That passion started burning again and he started creating opportunities for himself.

Now Trae Shyne is a rising indie artist with a distribution deal with NY’s Bentley Records. He has 3 songs out on all mainstream platforms right now and his debut album is in the works. He just landed an article on Medium and The Odyssey online.

It seems the young rapper’s dreams are beginning to become reality. When asked “How do you feel now that you can see the results of your hard work paying off?” He answered “I feel lifted but it just makes me go harder. When the hard work is done it’s always more hard to be done.” Sounds like he is ready for the world! What’s next for the rising star?


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