April 15, 2024

The emcee and producer based out of the small town of Bowdoin, Maine, Chef Mal aka Malachai Hilt, is the CEO of 5207Records (5207records.com) and Freshly Fit Clothing Company. His catalog boasts 6 full studio albums along with multiple singles bringing his total number of projects to 105. Chef Mal really brought it to the table with his latest project, “Everything” (Prod. by Nat The Genius). The Chef is unbelievably talented that it makes no sense he’s not getting more attention in the Rap game.

This sounds like the best track he’s released yet – from the deadly lyricism all the way down to the understated, but menacing production. The storytelling is flawless, and the subject matter gets emotional; fans will love it, and many critics will give it a nod—that is if they truly give it a chance.

I’ve always respected Chef Mal’s lyrics because I have found them to be exceptionally poetic with vivid descriptions and metaphors. Here Chef Mal remains a lyrical behemoth, effortlessly shifting across the beat using different nuances of his voice. The artistry displayed in this song is impressive. Chef Mal is one of the many pieces of proof that show that people who diss the small-town rap scene are just ignorant.

Though intense in its delivery, “Everything” (Prod. by Nat The Genius) creates a relaxed, easy environment for Chef Mal to explore his hip hop topicality. Chef Mal has established himself as a talented player in the hip-hop field. He’s got everything. A unique flow, dynamic lyrics, and a clever sheen of rebelliousness to every track he releases.

Most, if not all of this latest track, is deserving of acclaim. Chef Mal’s storytelling and technical prowess are also sharp throughout, as he packs syllables, deft observations and a punctuated rhyme sequence into almost three and a half minutes.

“Everything” (Prod. by Nat The Genius) will no doubt, position Chef Mal as the cream of the hyper-texted crop lighting up hip-hop blogs today. He delves into his soul and comes up with deeply personal tale. His conviction backed by dramatic production, hits home.

What I love most about this record is Chef Mal’s cadences and squawks, together with his surgical raps. Too often we consider “going in” rapping to merely be super loud and aggressive, but there’s nothing impressive about someone quickly rattling off bar after bar with no regard for the beat and mood of the song. Here though, Chef Mal models complete control.

And while Chef Mal definitely has a tough aggressive side, it’s his honesty and self-reflection that I find most engaging. From his flow to the content to the production, is stellar on “Everything” (Prod. by Nat The Genius).  There’s not an obvious weak spot in sight. Hence respect for his craft, Chef Mal deserves, as he has an undeniable prowess on the mic, with an impressive ability to disturb and captivate with equal regard.









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