July 21, 2024

The music artist, Calvin, has recently released his new album ‘Live, Don’t Die’ on all music platforms. Popular with the stage name ‘Calvin’, the music artist has already been gaining a lot of popularity for his multi-genre music album, All Vibes. Known for his command over multiple genres of music, Calvin has delivered many stage performances at venues such as the Roxy Theater and the other side in Denver Colorado.

He was born in Chicago, Illinois as Willie Calvin Henry-Davis, moving on to various cities after that. In the year 2010, he moved to Florida and later settled in Denver Colorado in 2017. Calvin currently stays in Denver only with his 2 children.

He was passionate about listening to multiple genres of music during his childhood and it helped him gain the right understanding of different genres of music. Since the success of his first multi-genre album, All Vibes, Calvin has been receiving a lot of support from his followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

His new project Live, Don’t Die was released on 23rd April on all music streaming platforms and it took Calvin 6 months to complete it. All his fans who were eagerly waiting for his upcoming album will hear that it contain songs from all genres of music.

Live, Don’t Die is available on all music streaming platforms including, Spotify. Calvin is on radio rotation with the track “Ride”.

Follow and connect with Calvin on Instagram @ 5calvin

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