July 18, 2024

There’s East Coast rappers West Coast rappers, Midwest rappers, Down South rappers, and then there are rappers that bring their own atypical style. The Midwest rap scene is unsung and independent. The most talented artists from the Midwest have succeeded each with their own unique style and flavor, regardless of what was moving units elsewhere in the country at any particular time, so it’s not surprising that areas like Minneapolis, Detroit and Chicago have become breeding grounds for new, innovative rappers. Dee Collins is a rapper, writer, and producer from Waterloo, Iowa. He is currently promoting his single “The Way”, and is grinding to keep Ohio in the underground conversation.

One of Dee Collins strongest attribute may just be his storytelling abilities which is evident on “The Way”. Lyrically, Collins is as strong as his contemporaries, and also offers more emotional and immersive storytelling than his counterparts.

Collins is raw emotionally, which hits home with any subject matter he tackles. He’s very open with the listener and is not afraid to share intimate details about the situation he is describing. There is great storytelling that puts you in the situation, and then there is the Dee Collins type storytelling that puts you in the emotion.

“The Way” describes the urgency in Dee Collins’ daily grind as he plays hard chasing his dreams: “It’s the way I do it. I’m the goat baby.”  Collins pulls you in and tells you the realities of his mindset. His flow is unhurried as he spits witty well thought-out rhymes.

Hip-hop isn’t always aggressive and Dee Collins perfectly channels that reflective side, while delivering steadfast anecdotes and unyielding warnings, bringing you into the bosom of his personal pride.

Though it’s pointless and maybe irrelevant to try and predict which contemporary artists will have the most longevity. If one had to bet on which type of rapper would prove to emerge above the industry’s ultra-fickle metabolism, Dee Collins would be the type to put your money on. His style is not linked to the flavor-of-the-day trends.

Sonically “The Way”, may not immediately leap out at you, but there’s something very alluring about Collin’s unapologetic deviations from trends that are worthy of favorable audience reach. Steadily, after multiple listens, the robust texture of his character comes to the surface.

The poetics and cadence in how he narrates his truths, and his ability to draw the listener close, in order to gush about bitches and riches, never sounds like a boast but a an aspired conquest. The rapper manages to deliver a track that puts you in tune with who he is as a craftsman, and is indicative of his potential bright future as one of the more interesting artists in an ever expanding community of talented artists in the hip-hop underground.

Judging by “The Way”, Dee Collins really does have stories to tell, and the way in which he tells them helps make his songs into something special. As a rapper, he’s sharp and clear and authoritative.

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