June 18, 2024

Herasita is a Latino American teen whose family is from Peru and aims to make a name for himself in the music industry. He listens to rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD, and Ski Mask the Slump God among others. He found the dedication to start making music himself, and although he had a rough start back in 2018 and the beginning of 2019, on his first few songs, he is determined to not stop or quit, in the face of adversity or naysayers. Herasita uses a lot of Spanish slang and words in his rap songs, and is currently pushing his latest single, “I’m Impulsive”.

It’s no secret in the rap game that talent and success are not directly correlated. If that were the case, there would be many unknown artists dominating the charts, and they would be popular well beyond the realm of local hip-hop fans. The truth is, that many underground artists like Herasita are an acquired taste, and therefore need to be heard often to be properly appreciated.

His new single, “I’m Impulsive”, only further demonstrates that claim and further illustrates that like many of his new wave contemporaries, Herasita as a vocally polarizing new up-and-coming figure with a flare that can be incredibly easy to appreciate once listened to a couple of times.

Riding the current wave of electro and trap hybrids that are steadily creeping into the mainstream spotlight, Herasita distinguishes here, that he is bringing a fresh laidback sound to the scene. With the voice that is clear and enunciated, his flow is steady meticulous, and far from some of his peers who sound like zigzagging jackrabbits on steroids.

Herasita possesses that rare talent to turn even the simplest lyrics into something deep and meaningful. His voice is his instrument, which he uses to craft lyrical narratives with plenty of nuance.

A quick run through his back catalog showcases his potential to fluctuate, transform and evolve, while cementing the status of his impeccable flow. Herasita showcases an entirely new side to himself on “I’m Impulsive”, as opposed to “South Hoes” or “Switch Up (Freestyle). He sounds more confident and relaxed with his sound.

With this project, Herasita plants his feet firmly in the ground of his loyal fanbase, and haters alike, and reminds the world that he’s just being himself and doing his thing. He acknowledges that criticism is part of the game, and that putting your songs out there, is both a gift and a curse. It’s something he suffers, just like many other creatives.

Selling himself short or giving up, due to hate, should not be an option for any seriously minded artist. And pleasing everyone should come second to his own creative instincts. Though “I’m Impulsive” does tread doubtful waters within its narrative, as Herasita candidly admits that hate is hurtful to him.

It is also in some ways hopeful, as he leaves the impression that notwithstanding any negativity, he won’t easily be giving in. It’s not often that rappers express their vulnerabilities through their music, but Herasita’s honesty is what gives this track its relatability and emotional weight. Without a doubt, a job well done!


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