July 21, 2024

Jae Czar is an independent artist living in Durham from York SC. A record producer and audio engineer, he founded 3 Star Money Music LLC on June 2 2020. Jae Czar is currently promoting the EP “The Last Shot”, which is out via the same imprint. The rapper holds nothing back on this new EP, and in doing so, created one of his best recordings. Jae Czar is a rapper with one of the most distinct styles in the game – his jarring quickness and unparalleled wit shines very brightly in most parts of “The Last Shot”.

“The Intro” opens the EP. It’s a slow track, with a calming melodic motif. “Panic” really gets things started. The previous song was just the warm-up, and now Jae Czar is ready to kill. He immediately goes back to his roots with his witty, quick flow that is nothing short of exciting. It literally comes out of nowhere and slaps you in the face with aggression. Jae really does shine in this though, it’s intense and gritty, and Jae is doing what he does best.

Now things get a little dark, as a low, brooding bass comes in out letting Jae Czar hit punchlines and then immediately get back beat perfectly. Jae really shows his diversity in this. Going in and out of beat while switching flow constantly, and it all sounds so good. He keeps it tight. He is here to kill shit. Jae Czar comes in loud and clear over ripping hi-hats and a kick drum that resonates deep in your chest on “Love Scars”.

Like in the previous song, Jae is able to switch up his flow at will, and go back and forth indiscernibly as he narrates an afflicting personal tale. This is pure grit, and a tome to both the genre’s old school’s storytelling roots and its new wave atmospheric vibe. In fact Jae Czar is an artist with a unique vibe to his music. Due to his different approach, his songs come with both a vibe and a story.

Jae Czar offers something different from more traditional, mainstream artists on “Hate It or Hold it” – both in his rapping technique and in the production. His creativity sets his music apart. Jae’s willingness to break traditional molds will prevent him from getting lost in an ever-normalizing rap environment. He shows his ability with clever word play and a melodic twist throughout the song that doesn’t feel forced at any time.

By the time we lay our ears on the catchy groove of “Fed Up”, Jae Czar has already shown us all his sides, and how he can be quick and witty, or aggressive and raw. It also clear that he is works hard to expand his sound and takes more chances in his lyrics and production, to polish even more what he is best at. The EP unloads an unrelenting sonic explosion of crisp beats best enjoyed at blaring volumes while the rapper trades off verses that spare no one within his aim.

As the record continues, Jae Czar moves forward with a heavy sense of momentum that feels damn near unstoppable. “My Vice” and “Paid in Full” bounce hard and are propelled with some of Jae’s sickest flows on the EP. The latter track rolls at an even, hypnotic pace inspired by a badass rhyme scheme.

Choosing a highlight among these tracks is a true challenge – the entire record is truly incredible, front to back – however, a special note must be made of the EP closer, “CoVidow-20”. The track is equally as bombastic as it is melodic and hooky.

“The Last Shot” is a forceful piece of hip-hop that truly advances Jae Czar’s sound forward in a distinctive, exciting, and unique direction. This is a recording that feels essential to the genre’s cannon.



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