May 26, 2024

Hilly recording artist, producer, mentor, teacher, engineer, and CEO Steve Sxaks has proven to be a major staple in the Philly and South Jersey Hip-Hop scene. “I’ve always been an entertainer, I used to put on my own plays and do ‘stand-up comedy’ for my family and peers.” However, it wasn’t until the age of 12 when Sxaks picked up the guitar that he realized music was his destined journey.

During high school Sxaks joined several bands as guitarist and drummer and toured with hardcore band “Fruit Punch.” At age 16, upon the group’s split, he picked up the mic to focus on rapping and by 19 was performing solo Hip-Hop tours. That wasn’t enough for the multifaceted entrepreneur, as he wanted to continue to strive and thrive. Sxaks felt it necessary to create a ‘home base’ for himself and other local artists and in 2009 alongside his now partner Ethan Mintz, opened up Marsten House Recordings.

This opened many doors and created massive opportunities for him including a business relationship with Big Philly who introduced Sxaks to the world of battle rap and went on to judge some of Philly’s most notorious battles with major legends. Ideally in 2010 Sxaks developed his now, worldly famed ‘Marsten House Cyphers’.

Steve Sxaks is on radio rotation with the track “Rolling Stone” Ft. Majii

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