April 19, 2024

Soundcloud is still home to an entire nation of rappers inspired by the successes of artists like XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, and Juice WRLD. They rock colored dreads and face tattoos, sing melodies inspired by 2000s emo and create further mutations of Atlanta’s trap. A lot of the music is groundbreaking. Spotify has arguably stole much of the cultural cache once reserved for Soundcloud, but in 2020 the platform still exists, of course, and there are many artists who would call themselves “SoundCloud rappers.”

One of these is Jnir Apollo, who recently dropped his single “Get it Go”, which detains the potent and intoxicating spirit of classic Soundcloud Rap. Likewise the instrumental, which flits between bombastic, ethereal and frantic psychedelia.

Sonically, he sounds much different from everyone else — he can actually rap, has a unique aesthetic, a deft manipulation of his narrative, and a captivating array of electronic-tinged effects built into the track. Moreover, he has made his voice into an instrument. All making “Get it Go” a bubbling, infectious cut with the bounce of a pogo stick.

“Get it Go” is an intoxicating, time-warping banger. Hypnotized by Jnir Apollo’s sparkling, reverb-blurry verses, you feel yourself falling into his orbit, spinning helplessly around his star. The song hits like an instant high, and has enough textures and melody to keep you sucked into its head-nodding groove.

Jnir Apollo’s psychedelic vocal effects and the intoxicating beat makes “Get it Go” one of SoundCloud rap’s finer offerings.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram @jnirapollo – Website: jnirapollo.com – Soundcloud Spotify and Apple Music: Jnir Apollo

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