June 21, 2024

Born Jade Woods in Michigan, J Nikolé was raised by her musician mother, who was always in the studio or performing at venues around Los Angeles. She began her creative career working as a background actor and model before focusing on her craft as a music artist. Currently running the “All About The Vibes Podcast”, the R&B singer-songwriter says: “The process of making music is very therapeutic to me. Knowing that someone somewhere will be able to relate to my music is really important.” Summer season is usually a pretty good indicator of what tunes will dominate the music airwaves for any given year. Because of this, artists are usually determined to find ways to put their best foot forward in making an impression this time of the year.

Hence it is no surprise that J Nikolé comes at us with her soothing new single, “Ocean”. Her agile, yet tender and soft voice captivates instantly. With proper promotion and music video support, there’s no denying the potential that this track could have for J Nikolé this summer.

If you’re looking for a high octane upbeat or extremely bombastic record, you may be both in the wrong decade and the wrong discography. If you’re looking for more mellow vibes and sentimental reflection, this could be the record for you. A harmonious listen from a tranquil woman equates a winning formula.

Light an incense, grab a drink, open your windows and let the sunlight in because it’s time for some self-healing with J Nikolé. This is not a song that drags on for too long or that begs to be skipped on any playlist. J Nikolé specializes in the creation of smooth R&B, soft hip hop, and psychedelic neo-soul, and if that’s what you’re expecting, “Ocean” does not disappoint. She knows her strengths and capitalizes on them.

It’s amazing how J Nikolé manages to create a track that simultaneously encourages you to vibe out and reflect, while also stimulating your body with the confidence of a seduction goddess. The music she brings to the table is sexy, soothing, and full of spirit.

The track makes it clear that J Nikolé is creating a story within the song. The way she delivers it, is both artistic and lyrical all in one. It is also evident that J Nikolé is one of the more authentic artists out there.

Mystical and magical, J Nikolé’s vocal charisma holds this project together neatly. Her hushed, controlled voice is the main event, with the smoky, hazy beat supporting her well. Beautiful, confident and graceful, the production will leave listeners feeling healed and relieved.

It almost feels as if J Nikolé created a free-flowing chilled jam session with “Ocean”, making it an incredibly therapeutic listen. Her calming voice empowers listeners to feel good and in control of life.

The unforced delivery and how J Nikolé processes the lyrics and melody, is impressive. She embraces her own brand of chill, and otherworldly R&B, and “Ocean” is a testament to the quality that can be delivered when an artist creates something they are truly passionate about. With this song, J Nikolé sets the atmosphere and ushers in a familiar yet refreshing aura that is enticing to the ear.



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