June 13, 2024

Sometimes you just need to remember why you worship, why you praise, and why you believe. That’s why Michelle Miller Bell is here with here stunning new double-sided single release, featuring “Keeping My Faith In You” and “The Lord Keeps Doing Great Things For Me”. Michelle is a “Beta Music” Gospel Recording Artist, born in Chicago Illinois, and raised in a religious home with both parents and eight other siblings. While working in the church as a youth leader, choir director, and musician, she caught the attention of record label owner Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records, who is now her record producer and husband. Michelle has recorded 4 album projects, and performs solo or with her backing band.

Song after song on this new release will inspire you to lift your hands and voice in praise to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Relating her own personal experiences, Michelle Miller Bell lays out the expectation of what your own relationship with GOD should feel like.

“I’m keeping my faith in you. In the mist of my storm, I still have you. No, matter what I go through, Lord I’m keeping my faith in you,” sings Michelle. Her voice is powerful and resonant, the authenticity of her words echo, and etch their meaning deep onto your soul.

The production is classic, rich and uncluttered, Soul and R&B, which allows Michelle to design her virtuoso vocal trajectories with grace and conviction. Those who try to adapt and make their sound contemporary are often accused of trend-following.

Those who maintain and adhere faithfully to the classic sound of their genre, are frequently labeled as out of touch with the here and now. To her credit, and that of her producer-husband, Michelle Miller Bell circumvents this proverbial fork in the road brilliantly, with a sound that blends the two schools.

These songs are complete with lilting vocals, sweeping orchestral flourishes and a glorious wall of sound aesthetic, upon which any serious listener, would certainly place their stamp of approval. Contoured with a funky bassline and jangly jazz guitar,

“The Lord Keeps Doing Great Things For Me,” is another refined, impeccably-produced slice of groovy Gospel inspiration. “I’ve got to tell my story, of how God keeps on blessing me. I had to take a little time and reminisce, starting from when he set me free,” sings Michelle, summoning the sort of no-holds-barred enthusiasm that is infectious.

Delivered in a voice so clear and ravishingly resonant, the lyrics immediately pull listeners in, as it embodies the journey that many believers take as their faith grows in significance. The track is utterly divine. The two songs contained in this single may differ in rhythm, but share the same gripping vocal performances from Michelle Miller Bell, who soars with glee on waves of delicious, delightful sound.

All through, the lyrics tend to stick, because there is such expression and clarity in the words that are sung. Michelle Miller Bell is an artist who has reached a level of experience and skill that will eventually render her unstoppable.

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