June 21, 2024

“Im Slidin” ft. Kream coils under SlimNasty’s trademark flow – which is to say relentlessly and breathlessly enunciating every word and line with razor precision, before flipping over into a slow-burning melodic chorus. At his best, SlimNasty’s rap music is slightly psychedelic and haunting, and still catchy and relaxed enough to have pop appeal. Lyrically, the rapper is direct. Vocally, his balance between restrained and bombastic delivery is unmatched. Furthermore, he does something that even the most talented rappers have problems accomplishing: He creatively matches his wildest melodic impulses, with impacting storytelling narratives.

From his melodic sweep and cocksure cackle to an all-around earworm swagger that comes through on every track, rapper SlimNasty has the sort of pointed signatures that could make him unique and immensely sellable. He has the ability to concoct something nihilistic and noirish, but also infectious and somehow gleeful. Tracks like “Im Slidin” and “Pick & Choose” make you realize SlimNasty has the potential for languorous, catchy, song-craft.

Having such delicious melodies to guide SlimNasty is what lifts these tracks. Whether he’s barking or crooning, SlimNasty gets the art of song. Besides, there’s plenty of room for pure trap here. The artist’s hypnotic, melodic snarl is his instrument, and affixes a soulful quality to the cinematic sound of “Im Slidin” ft. Kream. The track has a level of urgency built into its allure, and is an ambitious expansion of SlimNasty’s sound.

Some tracks demand ascetic listening, the kind that happens best in solitude or while wearing noise-eliminating headphones. Such music has its place, especially in the colder months. But summer is made for the populist records – tracks ideally consumed in company, whether blaring from the bass-heavy stereos of cars parading down hot, crowded streets or wafting from the open windows of apartments down the block. SlimNasty can fit into both of those scenarios.

SlimNasty’s music, booming and self-assured, captures the irrepressible energy of the artist at his most dynamic. SlimNasty’s essence exudes confidence, and his music is ready to blossom into peak urban culture, rooted in the modern-day youth’s enthusiasm and hip-hop tradition.

“Im Slidin” ft. Kream is designed to establish SlimNasty as a voice of not only the future, but the moment. The track sees a collision of today’s hip-hop sound with the bling era of hip-hop. SlimNasty translates his influences so well into his work, while making it innovative and inclusive of the sound of today’s hip-hop. He always appears very sure of himself, and carries himself like a veteran throughout his songs. “Im Slidin” captures SlimNasty’s charisma and fluid, versatile approach.

SlimNasty’s songs will immediately strike a chord with you. The keys overlay haunting beats that feature the type of bass that makes you wonder if someone dropped a bowling ball on your chest. It almost sounds like SlimNasty is rapping directly in your ear, which is definitely intentional as his voice is as much of an instrument as the beat. All-round SlimNasty sounds like a motivated and vibrant hip-hop talent actively pushing towards that next level.


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