April 19, 2024

Aaron “9MM” Johnson often referred to as Milli was born in the South Bronx (800) in 1985. He relocated to Garland, TX in the mid 90’s. He became a fan of Hip-Hop when he first heard the legendary “Method Man.” 9MM began writing at the tender age of seven (7) and has been dedicated to mastering his craft for over twenty-six (26) years. 9MM took a break from music to reflect on life and focus on other personal goals.

9MM used to go by the name “TKO” while in high school, but decided to change his name when he realized it was being widely used. Therefore, he decided to change his name to the hardest name he could think of. He wanted to call himself something he knew no one would dare use. He began to call himself 9MM.

9MM is an independent artist who is versatile and composes a variety of literary works to include music, books, poetry, etc. 9MM’s first mixtape “Locked & Loaded” was released on Datpiff through DJ Tony Anthemz in 2005. His second mixtape “Locked & Loaded Volume 2 (Trap Metal)” was released in 2009 on Datpiff. He has released two (2) mixtapes and one (1) album and is preparing to release his most anticipated album to date “Locked & Loaded.”

9MM’s music comes straight from the heart. This is his therapy, sanity, and his truth (Pain Heals All Wounds). His message is to inspire people to be themselves, to speak what is in their hearts, minds, and to DO THEM! 9MM is one of the best up and coming artist and the industry’s best-kept secret. He is hard working and ready to take the industry by storm. 9MM believes, “if you do not believe in yourself who else is going to believe in you.” 9MM believes as an artist it starts with self-evaluation.

9MM is on radio rotation with the track – “Just Another niKKKa”


Website: www.thereal9mm.com

IG: thereal9mm

Facebook: thereal9mm

Twitter: 9doublemovafuka

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thereal9mm

Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/5vIRokkeFmeFzP4GeES01j/profile/overview

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