June 20, 2024

TheMoonlanders are a group of three songwriters, singer/rappers, and producers from across the US who thoroughly enjoy making Rap, RnB, and Pop music. They all work out 9-5 jobs and created their own escape by making music together. Their latest single project, “Don’t Play With My Love” is far more soulful and impressive than anything their counterparts and peers are currently putting out.  Between the vocals and the music production, this group never misses a beat.

Set against a banging hip-hop beat and smooth R&B grooves, the song brings a sulky sentimental mood to the fore, all bathed in jangly shimmering guitars, and thick resonating basslines. There’s a warmth and depth to the music that is usually lacking from the music of our era. Yet at the same time, it still brings the hard beat your body needs with the phat booming bass and bright short guitar motifs lifting your spirits.

You get the feeling that these carefree, yet ambitious artists, are dedicated to honing their skills and finding their voice with each passing verse. This sense of discovery also plays into the transcendence of the track.

 While “Don’t Play With My Love” traverses many musical stylings, it’s urban roots stand out strongly. This effort offers the portrait of a group of artists staying true to a particular ethos and sound, but expanding outside of its common borders.

I challenge those that hate the usual current pop-friendly urban sounds, to listen to “Don’t Play With My Love”, because you will be pleasantly surprised by the ability that TheMoonlanders have and the quality of music that they create with a love for the art.

They don’t seem too worried about where the money or the business is in music. They sprout deftly delivered lyrics, topped with engaging vocals and expansive musical backdrops, while developing songs expressing their undeclared desire to be creatively free.

It’s safe to say that TheMoonlanders know exactly what they’re doing and are not trying to hide it.  The level of precision that went into the beat and music, does not mean the lyrics or vocals took a back seat, like so many popular releases of late.

On the contrary, the vocalist shines in his moments; he stretches his voice throughout the track, with a few thoughtful rhymes peppered in. It’s hard to deny the enjoyment the overall vibe of “Don’t Play With My Love” can bring to you during its runtime.

It’s a damn pity the track only runs for 1 minute and 58 seconds, as our ears deserve so much more from TheMoonlanders. If nothing else, it definitely stirs up interest and anticipation for anything else they may be releasing in the near future.

I have a strong feeling that TheMoonlanders will participate in, and dominate, a wide range of crossover genres, moving forward. “Don’t Play With My Love”, is a soulful sonic gumbo, with a subtle pop genius that has something for any listener of contemporary urban music.



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