June 20, 2024

Dee Collins from a rapper, producer, and writer from Iowa. “Don’t Bother Me” is the third single from his upcoming EP “Square Business”. The song features his home boy KD, from St. Louis, who is an upcoming rapper as well. This is the first feature Collins has worked with, and of the track he says: “This song is just about being in your own lane, getting a bag, and succeeding. If negativity comes towards that path I’m on, I rather you just don’t bother me.”

What impresses me the most with Dee Collins’ music is that, in a time where trap music is so over saturated and formulated, he is always able to deliver with a very well-crafted songs. Every song sounds different, and yet they all feel like they fit perfectly within Collins’ musical canon. KD who features on this latest track, does a good job as well, absolutely crushing his verses on “Don’t Bother Me”.

Dee Collins’ songwriting talent is also impressive. Instead of creating repetitive tracks, Dee provides storytelling mixed with a vibe-filled style for his songs, and it works well. The question I always like to ask when looking into a new track critically is: regardless of the content, how does it actually sound when listening to it? I’m very happy to say that “Don’t Bother Me” just snap, crackles and pops, with performance vibrancy.

Dee Collins has something special that many artists today seem to lack. He can take an incredibly generic beat, write catchy verses and twisty hooks, and turn the song into a full-on head nodding banger.

“Don’t Bother Me” is absolutely loaded with resonating elements that I guarantee will get stuck in your head. Moreover, the forward-thinking beat is deadly. I hope more upcoming artists can learn from Collins, on how to make an engaging song that still remains left field of mainstream.

“Don’t Bother Me” hits all the marks to make an amazingly rich track. Dee Collins has an incredibly unique and smooth cadence that sits perfectly alongside the resonant depth of KD’s flow. Their sound shows how much they differentiate themselves from most other artists.

Their ability to flow on an unconventional type of beat, vocally hold their own identities while exchanging bars, and still craft a catchy tune together that won’t soon leave your mind, gives them the unusual formula to potentially dominate their category.

Once again, with “Don’t’ Bother Me”, Dee Collins shows us just how good of an artist he is, and has set the bar high for his future projects, which I fully believe he can achieve. If you’re looking for a new intriguing rap track that snaps, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check this project out.

The song is the perfect primer to showcase what Dee Collins is capable of bringing to the table on his upcoming EP, “Square Business”, as well as validating his standing as one of the more interesting voices currently in underground Hip Hop.

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