May 13, 2024

Syni is a German-Albanian songwriter and musicians. His style is best described as a mixture of “New School and Old School”. His music seeks the perfect balance between the merging of Old School Dance (disco, funk, pop, rock) and New School Music (Electro, EDM, Dance).

What sets him apart from the rest of the musicians are his musical studies, skills, freshness, and trendiness. During his solo career, Syni performs regularly, mostly at home in Switzerland and Albania, where he does private elite parties with a multitude of other appearances. At the international level, Syni has performed in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries.

Syni is the type of man who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Always ready to get involved, with the unknown and experimenting with new things. His “why not”, and “don’t give up” attitude, earned him a coveted spot on “FOL SHQIP SHOW “(Albanian TV). Watch out and expect more from this true, strong, and talented rapper. Syni is on radio rotation with the track “Gango”.

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