June 21, 2024

Born in east London, BeckMilli moved to south London as a toddler and claims south London as ‘her home’. BeckMilli, Aka Rebecca Aryee born 21/06/1989, is set to make her name known on the UK rap scene as one of the best artists to emerge from the south of the river on the UK rap scene. A product of her environment, the world is primed for the rise of a prominent new female artist.

BeckMilli’s eclectic taste of music ranges from Michael Jackson to Luther Vandross and Lauryn Hill. Under the stage name BeckMilli she creates melodic catchy tracks engulfed in flaming hot lyrics capturing the spirit of road rap. Her catchy hooks, paper chasing themes combined with a bravado that one can only achieve from the experience of going through it and surviving!

That authenticity shines through on her records. Listeners are immediately hit with the undeniability of her talent on ” Do Road” a track with an ominous trap heavy beat. “I fly to the P’s no jetpack, my priority is to get that, silently these man wanna wreck that. Tell a boy kick back, get back, if you can’t keep up get left fam, I got my eyes on the prize and I don’t need no set back”.

Her experience in the style is apparent and highlighted by a distinct rolling cadence reminiscent of an automatic rifle on rapid-fire blasting along the track developing in excitement for all listeners. BeckMilli’s music arrived early April 2020, available to steam on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music She is enthusiastically anticipating performing live sets, while planning a UK tour and working on her mixtape.

BeckMilli is on radio rotation with the track “Just Look”.


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