June 18, 2024

Classical pianist, singer, rapper, dancer, songwriter, producer, actor, comedian, screenwriter, husband, and father of two. If that already sounds like a mouthful, then don’t forget to add the Sanity Records imprint to the curriculum of Jemal C. Anderson aka JEMAN9IN. The Canadian creative started his musical journey at the age of 4 taking classical piano lessons at the New Conservatory of Music. He subsequently dominated the scene as a child prodigy and #1 medalist for the following 10 years. Since then he has honed his craft, successfully combining a variety of genres, in multiple releases.

Now getting set to release his 19 track debut album “Limbo?” (2020) via Sanity Records© #PRESSPLAY, we grabbed a listen the lead single, “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)”, which is also supported by a music video.

The new single finds JEMAN9IN flexing newly grown muscles of relatability, concision, and storytelling, while still delivering something very much akin to his previous work. “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” blends the artist’s unique and interesting raconteur abilities with his inventive capacity for metaphor, imagery and unusual vocabulary. JEMAN9IN is a literal wizard. I’m sure of it.

Like many of his songs, “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” straight-up may not make sense on first listen. JEMAN9IN’s intellect is on another level. His wordsmithing is in peak form, as he draws inspiration internally as much as he does from the external world, creating hard-hitting, emotional verses that cut deep and that force the listener to consider their own quirks and flaws. Detailing every memorable line from this track proves impossible.

JEMAN9IN pushes lyrical and musical boundaries, and uses his unmatched vocal tones to delight and challenge avid listeners. The nuanced changes in cadence and the somewhat dark feel of this song, make for a delightful sonic experience.

With a resonant voice supplanting the need for harsh language, “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)”quietly but firmly establishes JEMAN9IN as above the silliness often found in the current, popular hip-hop scene.

JEMAN9IN has an unmatched ability when it comes to turning common phrases and straightforward words on their head, and making seemingly familiar subjects sound fascinating, simply by way of his impressive voice and lyrical sorcery.  Although JEMAN9IN impresses for his coded verses and stream of conscious-like delivery, he also has a firm grasp of his thoughts and views of society.

JEMAN9IN’s aptitude for sharing his thoughts and feelings is one of his best assets, and his talent for impactful lyrics and colorful imagery not only adds more depth to his rhymes, but it is what makes him a gifted emcee. Truth be told, JEMAN9IN is a thrilling lyricist with a knack for ever-twisting imagery and it’s been interesting for me to try to untangle his thought processes and get to the core of “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)”.

What also deserves mention, however, is the musical production, supporting his narrative. The beat is tighter than ever, and the production quality is mint. The dark cinematic groove is appealing on a surface level, laying the perfect foundation to support JEMAN9IN’s latest lyrical masterpiece.


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