June 24, 2024

YPC Young Pharaoh is a Hip-hop Artist from the DMV area – home to artists such as Wale, Rico Nasty, Shy Glizzy, Brent Faiyaz. In the much-derided world of mumble, emo and the entire new wave movement of melodically-inclined rap, YPC Young Pharaoh might just be the kind of artist these subgenres need right now. Sure, there’s no shortage of highly credible showbiz personalities, but few and far between are the figures delivering credible musicianship; the ones whose work will linger long after the hype is over. YPC Young Pharaoh, is precisely this kind of figure, a calling confirmed by his latest release – the single “Mr. Freeze”.

In the genre that often values style over substance and phonetic flair over sharp lyricism, it can be easy for a project to slip into the sea of endless half-baked attempts to garner streams and popularity. YPC Young Pharaoh expands the post-verbal, atmospheric, and irresistible melodic formula of the style, and crafts a single that is dripping in both style and substance that is all his own doing.

This is due largely in part to the melodic and deceptively elaborate production. The beat sweeps through the track creating a chill atmosphere that is as smooth and lucent as it is hypnotizing and grandiose. It has the ability to guide the listener into a trance where nodding along is not only unavoidable – it’s encouraged.

“Mr. Freeze” is a delightfully chill vibe that delectably teases your senses with a hypnotic keyboard-driven soundscape, gently jubilant percussion, and glowing harmonies. All of which is embellished with a deep, rich, and refreshingly intelligible flow from YPC Young Pharaoh.

In a time where the political and social climate can feel overwhelmingly bleak and the Covid-19 situation unpredictable, music escapism in any form is often a welcome means of escape for a generation drowning in uncertainty.

On “Mr. Freeze”, YPC Young Pharaoh exudes this sensation of escapism, as he subtly lures listeners into his world, making them forget about theirs. Its charm lies partially in the rapper’s eminently chill composure, and the waves of lush musical extravagance. The sonic world of YPC Young Pharaoh is rich and inviting. There are untold layers of his voice at work here, continually surrounding the ear at every individual moment.

YPC Young Pharaoh’s laid-back approach on “Mr. Freeze”, has yielded something very specifically his, rather than a random collage of ideas, his music feels like a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded field.

The richly-fabricated soundscape of “Mr. Freeze”, is full of many radiant and nuanced contours – in its narrative, flow and beat. YPC Young Pharaoh understands the importance of mood and how the music makes you feel.  “Mr. Freeze” is an authentic manifesto of the sound of this generation. Only done better.


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