April 16, 2024

Ben Barbic’s lyrical honesty, combined with catchy beats, makes it impossible for your head not to jam along with him. Ben pulls from his influences in reggae, hip-hop, as well as Dancehall vibes to bring these genres together in harmony and makes a completely new and original sound. Since 2016 Ben Barbic has settled comfortably into the Reggae scene bringing his unique perspective to the genre. He continues to constantly grow and connect with music audiences worldwide, having been played on the radio on nearly every continent and amassed a social media following of over 70,000.

Based in the Bay Area of California, Ben is working with an ever-increasing roster of artists. Including Craigy T (T.O.K.), Dan Konopka (OK GO) , Ras Fraser Jr, E.N. Young (Tribal Seeds), Konu, Hugo Jah, Kwans Nuggets, Vödoo, Bobby Hustle, Dino Campanella (Dredg) & Maggiore as well as producers like Israël Rinaldo(France), Rick Haze, Ras Big Mill, Strapland Records, Polaris Studios, Small Axe Entertainment, DJ Power, DJ Jfx and many more.

Ben Barbic is on radio rotation “Close 2 Peace” ft. Craigy T.

“Rapping fast in the song’s verses, delivering words with the agility and speed of a semiautomatic, Barbic’s abilities are seen as a direct metaphor for anti-violence — words are his weapon, shoot knowledge over bullets. Craigy-T’s soothing demeanor in the track balances Barbic’s lyrical aggression, creating the perfect yin and yang.”Top Shelf Music


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