July 12, 2024

Ikponmwosa Ediagbonya aka IK, is a spiritually guided inspirational artist. His many releases confirm that he’s made conscious efforts to establish himself first and foremost as an urban artist with a positive message. There are parameters of Christian respectability and an ethic of atonement and uplift to his music, regardless what topic he is on about in his songs.

IK is doing good work of reaching people lost in these troubled times, showing them, through his own personal words and experiences, an alternative to their lifestyles. Currently any form of urban music is a most authentic and effective medium an artist can use to convey passion, emotion, and truth. As the beat moves the listener’s body, and the rhyme and rhythm of the words enters the ears, urban music can be an effective way of conveying a message.

IK knows and understands the true nature of the music medium, as he uses it not just to drop a phat beat, but as a medium to drop lyrical passion and truth, through his mellifluous voice. IK churns out smooth and soulful anthems that caress the heart and mind. Tracks like “Getting To It”, “Pick It Up”, and “Taliban”, as well as his most recent like “Vibe” and “Mira Mira”, all prove themselves to be captivating earworms.

It is apparent that IK wants to make an undeniable – and much needed – impact on the current Hiphop, R&B and Pop cultures. Currently on radio rotation with the track “Mira Mira”, IK is a credible up-and-coming artist.

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