July 23, 2024

Dallas natives take an overwhelming amount of pride in the city they call home, and fly their state’s flag high at any opportunity. However, that hometown spirit also fuels a burgeoning hip-hop scene. Upcoming Dallas, Texas artist, NoPlug Lonzo is currently pushing his single “ICE” (ft. Ezpz456). This is a song that you need to put on repeat. A lot of fellas can relate to it when dealing with women, money and the hustle, as a lot of business simply needs to be kept on the low when you’re on the streets. This is one of those songs that deserves a lot of attention.

NoPlug Lonzo drops a cool, melodic, and understated delivery that will catch you off-guard as it works its way into your mindset without warning. “ICE” (ft. Ezpz456) will definitely make you feel yourself when you step out. It makes you want to get on your grind, get some money, and go after any woman you want. The track also comes with a melliflous and catchy hook.

NoPlug Lonzo brings the juice on “ICE” (ft. Ezpz456) and sounds confident in getting to the top. The rapper is quietly clawing his way into the culture’s collective consciousness, as he continues to propel his artistry forward.

Soon he will be measuring up in accolades, radio plays, and sales, but in the meantime, NoPlug Lonzo has proved he can go the distance as an underground artist. This track stands out not only because of its immediate subject matter, but also because of NoPlug Lonzo’s passion for music, and his execution, which seeks to break the barrier between artist and subject.

With his new project, NoPlug Lonzo emerges as a solid rapper, with great wordplay and his own iconic sounding flow. The track sounds like that of an artist not chained to industry demands, and able to forge his own path. NoPlug Lonzo sounds relaxed and playful with his flow and voice, a clear indication that the rapper has plenty of breathing room and no constrictions on his creativity.

“ICE” (ft. Ezpz456) incorporates deep hums from the bass, and hazy key riffs, while a clanking kick drum and hi-hat chatter drives the momentum.  NoPlug Lonzo treats the track like a chill piece with his laid back, conversational rhyming.

His flow and lyrics create an ambiance of a southern speakeasy. In a scene typically dominated by over-produced club rappers and crunk anthems, NoPlug Lonzo brings his own lyrical and melodic tricks to the table.

I’ve rarely heard such honesty and true confidence in a rapper, expressing himself in a way that makes you want to dig deeper into his works. He comes across as a rebel but not one that is bragging or stuck up, he comes across as authentic.

NoPlug Lonzo’s artistic message maintains itself all throughout “ICE” (ft. Ezpz456). There is no doubt that he is here for the long haul, and this project cements his aspirations and ambitions.



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