April 12, 2024

B.A.M.A, an artist out of Colorado Springs by way of Phoenix City, Alabama. He has been rapping since the infamous high school lunch battles and freestyles. It was then when he realized he had a gift and just needed to tap into it and take it serious. He began uploading music to Soundcloud and found that people were taking notice, so he then went into the lab full force to create music that can be heard and loved by the masses. B.A.M.A has dreams of becoming a successful artist and a great business man. Together with the right backing he feels he can become one of the greatest to ever touch the mic and/or stage. He says that the military taught him structure and the streets taught him hustle.

B.A.M.A is on radio rotation with the track “Polar”

Connect with B.A.M.A:

IG: @intellectualbama or @dbmpent
For booking and features call 910-318-5631

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