April 15, 2024

Ashton Hills is an American Christian hip hop artist from Fort Myers, FL. looking to give inspirational hope to the world. He wants to impart the message that you can make your dreams come true with hard work and dedication. His music is a mix between the hard core hip hop rapper Lil Boosie and the soft crooned melodic artist Post Malone. Ashton is a skilled lyricist and communicator who paints a very vivid picture when he’s writing a song.  Music has been a constant staple in Ashton’s life with his dad as his influencer. He was able grow a small fan base of 6.9k listeners in 37 countries on Spotify. And has also been featured in several online magazines and on independent radio stations/ podcasts. With a growing fan base he hopes to make his mark on the industry. He describes his musical journey as, “deeper than rap”.

Born September 10, 1988 as Ashton Hills, in Fort Myers, FL. At an early age, “Ashes” aka “AshToAshes” was quite a stubborn kid who never listened to anyone. Ashes did what he wanted to do, spoke how he wanted, treated people how he wanted and thought that was fine. At the tender age of 10, Ashes was taken to jail for stealing a bike.

After that discrepancy, he straightened up for a while but it wasn’t until Ashes graduated high school that he started getting into even more trouble. Ashes got into the habit of robbing innocent people of their hard earned money. It didn’t last long at all, because one night he was pulled over by the Sheriff, and that was the last time he saw the streets for a while. Ashes went to prison at 20, and got released from prison at the ripe age of 30.

Not only did music get him through that 10 years of incarceration but what inspired Ashes to pursue Gospel Rap is that he always had a music bone in his body. Thanks to Ashes’ dad, who was always keeping his family around music in some form or fashion, Ashes started serving God before he came home and said to himself, “What is the best way that I can praise God?” It then came to him… music. Ashes loves what he does for Yeshua, Jehovah.

Ashton, the gospel rapper loves helping to build God’s Kingdom and saving souls, one at a time. He brought him through so many trials and tribulations, and helped him climb over so many mountains. Ashton feels compelled to glorify and praise Him because it’s Him who saved Ashton and helped him to recognize his purpose for being here on this earth.

Ashton Hills is on radio rotation with the track, “Best Friend”.


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