July 19, 2024

From Charlotte NC, 19 year old artist Dreco, drops his single project, “Self Pain”. His style couldn’t be clearer, as he capitalizes on the soothing vocals that make him unique in the rap scene, rather than compiling an assortment of borrowed sounds. Dreco uses his deep-voiced melodic flow to seamlessly transport listeners through a journey into his determined mindset and forceful aspirations. It’s not Dreco’s voice alone that makes this track what it is, though. Another one of the track’s best qualities, is easily its production. Though smooth and mellow, it bangs with a reflective atmospheric groove.

The track complements Dreco’s resonant voice in perfect harmony, making this track truly transformative when listened to. Dreco uses this to his advantage, turning this project into an absorbing and thought-inducing experience for listeners. Regardless of your personal taste, you’ll absolutely love the sound of “Self Pain”, which poses serious potential for some significant accolades.

Most listeners will be carried by the production, cohesive storytelling, and poetic wordplay. “Self Pain” is Dreco’s way of proving that he is ready for any stage that he steps onto, and it’s also a track that can bring him to the mainstream page of rap alongside many of his peers.

“Self Pain” is engineered for the modern streaming age that music has transitioned into for years now: the song is perfect for digital streaming platforms, as apart from prioritizing his lyrics and flow, the sound quality has been especially attended to over anything else. It’s clearly Dreco’s way of proving that he can refine his sound and show the world that he is a serious artist who means business.

The immersive listening experience, the compelling wordplay and personal storyline heard in the song, as well as the track’s other accompanying sonic delights, prove that Dreco is an artist whose sound can break barriers in the rap scene. Dreco has the ability to flow freely on a beat, he can vocally compete, and he can create a catchy hook which are all ingredients to become a dominant figure in the new generation of rappers.

Although Dreco may have a significant amount of potential to go far in his endeavors, it’s not always a guarantee, as has been seen in the past on many occasions. Having said that however, with “Self Pain”, Dreco seems to be striving for greatness from the get-go.  This song has enough appeal for a vast array of listeners, but it also adds in subtle hints of the artist’s huge potential by showing off his pen game and performing ability.

There’s something so vibe-inducing about Dreco’s fluid flow, as he brings the good vibes to the kick-drum thumping beat, making the single an instant earworm. He expresses his feelings and emotions with clarity. The confidence and swagger that comes along with this, bleeds into the track. It feels like Dreco is able to be so comfortable on this project, because he really found the sound that works for him.


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