May 30, 2024

Everybody doesn’t make it to the league, but we all want to ball. Some of us are willing to do more than others… And that’s been Drè the Giant’s advantage for years. Drè’s grind has always been unmatched as a D1 college football player he always used music to motive him to push through and he’s used that same grind mentality to burst onto the Rap scene and feels as if he’s “your favorite trapper’s favorite rapper”.

He uses the many hustles he’s had in-between to uniquely story tell his way thru melodic samples. A self-thought producer who also has been working with the area’s top engineer Kym Williams II to learn to completely record, mix and master himself honing the craft and learning to make a song from beat to final master.

On his debut album iRap (12/11) Drè The Giant set forth this project to be a proclamation to naysayers who didn’t believe that their local party supplier could have any lyrical ability. Kentucky roots give a sound that’s southern enough to beat down your block, but Eastern enough influence that it’s filled with illustrative street pharmaceutic bars.

Laid backtracks like hometown homage “Commonwealth” show a pictorial word ability coming from a new artist. Beyond your usual trap music, Rx draws comparisons between the pharmaceutical sales industry and street hustlers, while providing hardcore hip hop elements. With this level of writing and production representing his rookie year, he proved on his debut that #HeRaps.

Drè The Giant is on radio rotation with the track ‘Unemployment’.

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