June 18, 2024

The artist Tre Digga, who recently started his own music label called Digg It ENT is based out of Calgary Canada, while his roots were planted in Trinidad. Tre’s ability to flow with almost any beat makes him versatile and will increase his longevity in the rap game. All of which goes along with his work ethic. “Now when it comes to my work ethic, it is something incomparable. I always take pride in any task that is set before me and I always try to exceed and over-excel, it’s almost to a fault,” exclaims Tre.

The Canadian who strives to be one of the hottest artists on the underground market, recently dropped his single “Cream” ft. Miss Benzo. In an arena where rappers are expected to present themselves as the best, Tre Digga does just that on this track, and he is ably assisted by the melodic groove of Miss Benzo.

Tre Digga has enough reason to be proud. He came up in an area not highly noted for its hip-hop exploits, and managed to nudge his way into the handful that currently appear relevant and exciting. There are many moments on “Cream” ft. Miss Benzo where Tre convinces us that he’s diligently clawing his way to the top. His hunger is invigorating, and exactly how you want the main act to step up to the plate.

Tre Digga swerves around the beat with immaculate control, squeezing witty insights into compact sequences. The electricity is tangible when Tre and Miss Benzo cross voices before the hook. These two elevate each another to truly outstanding heights as they set the groove and flow. We already know from earlier releases that Tre Digga was great, we just didn’t know that he keeps getting better.

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