June 20, 2024

Named for Artist of the Year by Independent Music Awards, and Producer of the Year by Indie Music Awards, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa is exactly what the title says – a real rapping grandpa. Justin has released dozens of tracks, distributed over more than 100 platforms worldwide. He also has a book out, and finds time to manage other artists, while collaborating and performing with a host of other artists.

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has the potential of being a universally beloved artist. His consistent and fun to listen to. Lyrically speaking, he keeps it simple and straightforward, avoiding complex and cryptic messages. He keeps you listening, because he says it like it is, and doesn’t try to disguise his thoughts as something they’re not.

A survivor in a life riddled with challenges and losses, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has taken his time to practice and perfect his game in genre he completely identifies with. You can hear it in his voice and his flow.

Justin Case Rapping Grandpa is on radio rotation with his latest track “Old Model”.

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