June 20, 2024

“Entitled PXRT 2” is a tidy 8 track project, and throws upcoming artist Nevosway into the next batch of potential future rap stars. The album’s production is enticing and often hypnotic; Nevosway’s vocals dip and weave their way in and out of the R&B, trap soul instrumentals, which leaves all responsibility up to the artist’s lyricism and delivery. The 24 year old Charlotte NC based creative, is clearly an artist you should be taking more seriously with every release. Nevosway wears many hats – he is active in real estates, binary option trading, and music, applying the same passion and grit to each.

Showcasing classic wordplay, melodic motifs and banging sounds, respectively. “Entitled PXRT 2” marries those elements to create a project that’s dense with lyricism and sheathed in expansive soundscapes. It’s apparent from when “Never Knew” opens the project that Nevosway is a skilled lyricist, technically proficient rapper, great hook writer and singer, as well as an amazing storyteller.

This project could have been done incorrectly in so many ways, but I think that “Entitled PXRT 2” was handled in a way that makes it difficult not to pay attention to. The production is phenomenal, the songs themselves are memorable and wonderful in their own ways, and the project as a whole is a bold and ambitious recording.

“Attach” picks up the vibe-filled grooves of its predecessor, with plenty of warm keyboard sounds and a rumbling bassline. Mellifluous production layered with surrealist imagery and skittering hi-hats encompasses everything on “Won’t Hurt”, as Nevosway unfolds his personal experiences.

Whether rapping or singing, the autonomy to play with divergent ideas has given Nevosway the power to create free-flowing imagery that teases the listener’s imagination. On “Independent”, he takes the punch of his delivery and combines it with an infectious beat to craft another memorable song. The entire track succeeds by featuring a catchy beat, which is dynamic, but subdued enough for Nevosway’s voice to resonate with the listener.

What makes “Entitled PXRT 2” most compelling, lies in the confidence behind its explorations, as Nevosway probes his themes. His impressive stack of syllables are smooth and emotional on the sentimental “Gas Up”, which sounds like hit, with its shimmering guitar chords, and a melody guaranteed to stick in your head.

There is more to unpack in “Love Again”, as this rising talent hones his hooks. It’s the offbeat bass flow that sets things off in an interesting direction. On top of this, Nevosway’s vocals and effects really twist things alluringly.

Nevosway floats through the throbbing haze to deliver introspective raps on “Time Go”. There’s an immediately gripping sound, while Nevosway brings the emotional glow out in his rhymes to keep the momentum and interest going.

Nevosway is rolling in a mid-tempo heaven on “Stack Up” through intoxicating percussion and rolling pianos. It feels lush and lively, exhibiting a solid sonic architecture, especially in the carefully tailored rhymes, and sweeping vocal nuances.

Nevosway is both a formidable talent. Great vocals, compelling songs and stellar production, “Entitled PXRT 2” is one of the most enjoyable albums front to back I’ve heard within the last year. Nevosway is very much a Renaissance man playing ball amongst the contemporary urban music crowd. His ear-catching music is filled with gripping beats and irresistible melodies.


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