June 21, 2024

Jay Baby is a female artist from New Orleans, who loves different genres of music. She describes her single “Better”, as a song to remind people that true love doesn’t have to be perfect, and that it’s worth the imperfections. A robust, elastic voice and sensitive songwriting could easily give Jay Baby a large following. The bouncy, soulful swing that provides the rhythmic foundation for the organic sounding “Better”, sets a tone of optimism, while her lyrical style contributes with direct storytelling.

Sensuality snuggles with self-awareness on “Better”, as Jay Baby analyzes the binding factors of a relationship. She’s both vulnerable and outspoken, while never afraid to admit to any miscues on her behalf. In fact she opens the song with a confessional statement: “I know I could have been better to you. You know I want you in my life forever.”

Singing a blend of R&B, pop, and neo-soul, Jay Baby’s music is interesting to try and define as she embraces a personal theme, which is at once universal. Her lyrics are as healing as the music, if not more so. And she asks you to listen to them carefully. She amply feeds the mind, heart and the spirit, at every level with the power of her words and music.

Jay Baby’s beautiful vocals and musical artistry enchant the senses. “Better” has a rapturously beautiful melody with inspirational lyrics embraced by her rich, agile, and resonant vocals. Jay Baby’s doesn’t just sing a song, she caresses it. The songstress passionately appeals to the common bonds of humanity in “Better”, as she unabashedly shares her philosophy of love.

A Jay Baby performance feels like a moving meditation, as she leads the listener into her world, exalting love that stirs up the magic, and has her audience emotionally attuned to her plight. Jay Baby is a powerful presence, a gifted singer, a talented songwriter and so much more than just a performing artist. She uses the power of song to soothe, to inspire and to transform human consciousness.

“Better” will be available on all major streaming sites from the 29th of January 2021.

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