June 17, 2024

A business owner and operator well before the age of thirty, Kory Kane was raised by his business minded mother and social Activist father. Their divorce would change Kory’s direction but ultimately finding his passion for music.

The Cleveland musician who has built a following as a hip-hop lyricist, incorporated his own business in the state of Ohio called Be Your Own Boss Incorporated, and in the same year branched his interests out into a sub company called Money N the Mattress Media.

With the will to inspire excellence and motivate the potential in people, Kory has been involved in many community, social and judicial battles, including the highly publicized ‘Master of Miracles’ lawsuit against the Cuyahoga County Court Judges.

Through it all, the man finds time to make music, and his themes always rely heavily on his conscious humanistic principles. His latest track, “IDC” maintains him squarely in his zone. Kory Kane is on radio rotation with the track “I Don’t Care”.

Download the EP “Bitter Rabbit” via iTunes or check out KORY KANE on Facebook @KoryK100, Twitter @KoryK100, Instagram @realogdaddy and his Website.

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