April 19, 2024

AgeeBxby pronounced (Age Baby) is CEO of The Heartless Cartel 20/83 Entertainment. From Cleveland Ohio East 113th Benham Ave, he was released from a Supermax Prison coming to 7 year prison bid on January 9th 2020. After going through several court dates to get his freedom, he was finally released. Now he’s releasing his music. His First Single “Hop in the Bag” was released 9-11-20 and did really well. So be on the lookout for this breakout artist.

“It was his therapy” friends and family say. “Guys use to line up at my cell in Supermax to hear me rap y’all feel me? I mean look, we only had an hour or maybe two hours out our Cell and besides working out or on the phone with their girl or peeps they was at my door listening to me and that’s when I knew I was it. I gotta appreciate what I’m blessed with”

AgeeBxby Influences are, Lil Wayne, JUVENILE, Future, Gucci Mane andd Young Thug. His style is versatile, as you will soon see he has many deliveries and styles but stays true to his craft and base. His music is for everyone to enjoy and feel. There is a promising future for this artist.

AgeeBxby is on radio rotation with the track “One Night Ting”.




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