June 18, 2024

Lady Bain is an R&B songstress out of Detroit who began singing when she was 3 years old in a choir. Four years ago her career as police officer came to an abrupt end when a drunk driver hit her and her partner. Tragedy struck again when lost the love of her life to dementia. These events somehow induced her to pick up her pen and mic again. This led to her first single “Pure Love”, and several awards which soon followed, including Best R&B artist, and Best R&B song. Signed to Royal Court Records and distributed via Sony Orchard/Force MDS, Lady Bain has recorded gospel, country and jazz music, showcasing her versatility.

Lady Bain’s brand new album “Limitless” is available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes, and she will be holding a press release party on 3/20/21 in Pearland, TX, at the Cullen Estates for the project, which is expected to drop on March 19. Unless it’s made of stone, your heart will swell along with the music. Lady Bain’s voice can twist your emotions even before you get the gist of what she’s singing about.

Her power as an empath comes out on “Pure Love” which, as an anecdotal yet all-purpose empowerment anthem, will be included into the new album. It’s rare that a performer who’s inherently this capable of registering so much heart and soul can be so restrained when she wants to.

Lady Bain never overplays her hand, and as such, her lyrical and vocal reserve on the track gives the moments of pure emotion that much more impact when they come.

With its swooning melody and emotional acrobatics embellished with keys and uplifting wisdom, “Pure Love” is one of those songs that doesn’t just deliver audio enjoyment, it impacts people. Lady Bain has that gift for poetic expressionism derived from insight into life.

Running through her song set, it’s clear that her voice is what you come here for, and she delivers moments that you’ll cherish, remember, and repeat on your listening device as soon as they’re over because they’re just so damn good.

We don’t need to look to the left and the right and wonder where all the great women of R&B are. One of them is right here under our noses and in plain sight, releasing records like “Pure Love” and the upcoming album “Limitless”, which are begging to be heard and understood by an audience, with songs that go on to live in your soul.

The vocal production and arrangements lean all the way into Lady Bain’s rich and smoky tone. The familiarity is immediate, with an edge that is quietly confident, as if we are only just being let in on a secret.

There are many reasons for liking  “Pure Love”, as all the Lady Bain signatures are there – stunning songwriting, incredible vocals and a beautiful smooth instrumental, to simplify the process and embrace perfection. During a time when the entertainment industry faces change, Lady Bain will tide fans over until we return to a sense of normalcy.

Connect with Lady Bain on IG, Twitter and Facebook @ladybainmusic

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