April 19, 2024

L.O.U. & Big O is back with the second single from their upcoming album Journey of Choices: (An Awakening Mind) called “Avenue Of The Aspects” (Ft. Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb & Shari). Big O is an American hip hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer, as well as DJ, representing the UK. L.O.U. (an acronym for” Let’s Obliterate the Universe”) epitomizes the essence of the modern era. A multi-talented vocalist and Rapper, L.O.U. was born and raised in South Side Jamaica Queens, N.Y. This latest track could easily have people buzzing and access critical acclaim and commercial success for the collective.

“Avenue Of The Aspects” (Ft. Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb & Shari), is a well-constructed track with solid classic production, intelligent lyrics, and show-stopping flows and hooks by all involved. From the layers of meaning injected throughout the track, to the hard-hitting verses and alternative vocal styles offered by L.O.U., Doughboy Tony, P-Rawb and Shari, the track shines a light on the hustle and grind, moving through life, from the street upwards.

The level of lyrical realism prevalent throughout this emotionally charged track proves that this is about standing your ground, claiming the fame, and cashing in on your desires, above all else – the sacrifices , the struggles and the obstacles.

What makes this track so great though, is the timelessness of its sound. The slap of the boombap-styled beat, the poignancy of the storytelling, and last but not least, the technical proficiency of the rappers pushing the narrative.

As always, Big O’s production possesses its own unique sound, and with each listen you hear different sonic nuances and internal rhythms, prompting you to come back again and again.

Filled to the brim with carefully chosen guest appearances, “Avenue Of The Aspects” (Ft. Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb & Shari) far exceeds most of the mumble rubbish coming out of the business right now. It’s monumental for what it represents in the game right now – a return to lyrical rap.

Despite the graphic rhymes, the song carries extremely deep meaning and is produced at a level that is taken for granted far too often in hip-hop music. You can hear the hard work put into the song, with the carefully crafted verses that too many new wave rappers no longer care about.

The classic hip-hop sound has been ever so delicately and cleverly spruced up to ensure it feels as fresh as the trendiest sound on the block right now. Best of all, L.O.U., Doughboy Tony, P-Rawb and Shari have as much to say as they have engaging ways of saying it.

Now is the time to listen to “Avenue Of The Aspects” (Ft. Doughboy Tony, P​-​Rawb & Shari) by L.O.U. & Big O. Take in the words, absorb the wordplay, rewind the street references and dissect the meaning, behind a song that is as focused and powerful as anything out right now. Its message comes through loud and clear.

Big O Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bigrodamous/?hl=en
Twitter – https://twitter.com/BigCapitalO
L.O.U. Twitter – https://twitter.com/LouFromQueens

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