June 23, 2024

Based out of Dallas, Texas, 3riple D (pronounced as ‘Triple D’) is a talented young rapper who uses intellectual metaphors and analogies in his music to convey his words. Before becoming a rapper, 3riple D was a euphonious singer, who started his musical voyage in 2014. Beguiled by sounds and rhythm, 3riple D decided to stick to his passion for making music, and there has been no turning back for him ever since. A picky artist, be it for his food or music, 3riple D settles for nothing but the best. Giving more importance to growth, and happiness, for 3riple D, money only comes much below in the priority list.

3riple D gives credit for inspiring him to make music to 3L’s in his life- Life, Losses, and Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne, one of the most influential people in his music career, marked as a force that pushed 3riple D towards his obsession with music. 3riple D still can recollect the memories of his first open mic, and how nervous he was to perform, but he still did it, as he always knew that he was made to do greater things in life. To date, says 3riple D, he still feels nervousness creeping inside of him while performing live, but he sure is evolving as an artist.

3riple D is on the driver’s seat for sure, but he is still coping with the bumps on the highway. He is thriving every day, to reach a position where his name is mentioned next to the great artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Biggie, and 2Pac. He dreams big. 3riple D aims at not only leaving a mark on the music industry but also in the film industry. He is an aspiring actor as well, who believes that one day, he will earn great awards like the Emmy’s, or the Oscar.

The single “Project Baby” is an all-time favorite track by the listeners, among other hit songs that 3riple D has delivered. With the release of his debut album “Practice Makes Permanent”, 3riple D is paving his way towards success. Breaking the stereotype of “practice makes perfect”, 3riple D will establish the new saying to the world, where according to him, applying pressure to your skills and working on them with complete focus, will not only make your art perfect but permanent.

Hold your breath for this talented artist, who is ready to take over the world with a force that is hard to miss. 3riple D is on radio rotation with the track “Dangerous”.

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