July 23, 2024

Artist and producer Mikeyy 2yz is from LA, while Richi Ray hails from Toledo Ohio, and is also associated with the Midwest Playboys, who were on tour with Shoreline Mafia. Both are currently stationed in Vegas, and their talents can savored on the banging single “Somebody Wifey”. They seem to possess the uncanny ability to smash a verse and into any beat. The two trade flows, soaring vocals and conversational cadences, with such conviction and ease, almost as if they’re answering to any critics and doubters.

Richi Ray

“Somebody Wifey” expands their soundscape and subject matter, exploring a more relaxed mood, and a more melodic song, showing an impressive level of depth and range. Mikeyy 2yz and his feature Richi Ray sound like match made in heaven, with the smooth and shimmering keyboard driven beat finding space for both artist’s personalities. Here they’re creating fine art, in what is an excellent, and most importantly, compelling and entertaining track.

Mikeyy 2yz shows an impressive evolution as an artist. He raps with passion and intensity, whilst maintaining a solid, grounded style that’s never forced or overwhelming. Richi Ray adds an extra dimension to the track, moving its artistic apex to a higher level with his rhythmic rhyming and melodic twists, which give “Somebody Wifey” a mellifluous roar.

There’s no doubt that Mikeyy 2yz and Richi Ray complement each other perfectly. Their chemistry meanders charmingly with a dizzying and tipsy tilt that gives the song its smooth and soulful catchiness. Both rappers reverberate blissfully over a burnished New Age piano, an infectious beat and broiling bottom end, brought to life by producer Jonny Cash. Together, they all make sure that there are plenty pleasures to be found on “Somebody Wifey”.

As a whole, “Somebody Wifey” brims with potential; it’s clear with each breath that Mikeyy 2yz and Richi Ray are in their comfort zones, and on cruise control. There’s something about their sharp-eyed understanding of each other’s voices that smooths out any possible edges and masks unwanted tics or quirks. It’s nothing short of refreshing to hear artists like these two keeping things tight but easy.

Mikeyy 2yz

“Somebody Wifey” is an entrancing web of vibe-driven sounds that introduces a pair of highly skilled, and memorable rappers to a tired scene. It’s a track which fizzes, pops and soars with a rare aplomb, showing that both Mikeyy 2yz and Richi Ray each have the chops to sustain a long and varied run going forward. The two make an impression with their boundless, but understated energy, and enchanting charisma, which makes their collaboration work better than most.

This last year has most definitely been a period filled with confusion and desperation. Strangely enough there are artists and inspiring music that is coming out from the mayhem. Against this backdrop Mikeyy 2yz and Richi Ray aim to grab a slice of the spotlight with “Somebody Wifey”.

This is a track which is made up of smart ideas and superb performances that hits its intended target. The intentionality behind the distinctive song craft, creates a track easily recognizable as a talented undertaking. Mikeyy 2yz and Richi Ray know their lane, and drive it perfectly!

Mikeyy 2yz – Instagram @mikeyy2yz
iTunes – https://music.apple.com/us/artist/mikeyy-2yz/1192939098

Richi Ray – Instagram @officialrichiray
iTunes – https://music.apple.com/us/artist/richi-ray/589682894

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