April 19, 2024

Abrahamsen & Vaage is the name of two Norwegian producers making music to make people dance and have unconditional fun. In Haugesund in the west coast of Norway they have their studio that combines the energy of the Vikings, the power of the seas and the smoothness of the glaciers.

This dynamic duo believes in the basic fun and energy that is made on the dancefloor. Using music as a tool for setting yourself free, have always been their mantra.

The two Norwegian producers have completed a collaboration with American singer Norma Noone on the single “Talk To Me”. They have had releases on Dancepush in New York and been supported be major Dj`s all over the world. They have also been on Juicy with Robbie Rivera, who also did a remix of their track “Back Around”.

Abrahamsen & Vaage are on radio rotation with the track “Talk To Me”.


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