June 13, 2024

A finalist of the Grammy award winning group Take 6’s Spread Love 2020 challenge after creating 10 different remixes of their Grammy award-winning song “Spread Love”,   Phill C is a musician and producer who has 3 albums and 10 singles to his credit. A self-taught creative, he initially got involved in producing, arranging, and engineering recordings of different artists, until he began to record several compositions of his own. Meeting and learning from the great Chick Corea in 2001 had a major part in developing Phill C’s overall disposition towards experimentation and creativity in jazz.

Phill C is currently spreading feel-good vibes with his single, “Don’t You Worry About It!”, which features Yona Marie on lead vocals, Andrea Palozzo on guitar, Manuel Trabucco on sax, and Akin on bass.

Songwriter Phill C handles the keyboards and all mixing and production work, as well as helps out on backing vocals. This is the kind of music that stems from a confidence level that only musicians that know they are excellent can provide. It is difficult not to smile and move to this infectious groove.

“Don’t You Worry About It!” is melodious, and well-structured, both harmonically and rhythmically, as well as being full of the kind of patterns that appeal to anybody. The track is perfectly crafted to communicate an uplifting sentiment that make you feel the emotion behind the composition. It is exciting for me to follow Phill C’s progressions, but I find myself really enjoying the fine details the rest of the band provides as well.

There are plenty of opportunities for each of the players and the songstress to shine and show their stuff. I am thrilled about how well balanced this track was engineered so you can hear each of the players clearly. Not to mention the lead voice and backing harmonies which are crystalline and tightly arranged.

On “Don’t You Worry About It!”, Phill C and crew display themselves as among the most intuitive, forward focused, yet extremely accessible, organic-driven, jazz orientated projects in the business.

While Phil C’s aesthetic is contemporary, with a tendency to crossover into modern funk, soul and R&B, he employs classic approaches to composition, melodic improvisation, rhythm, and harmony.

On “Don’t You Worry About It!”, Yona Marie’s soulful voice instills the melody, while Phill C’s musical arrangement delivers an irresistible groove. There are also fine exchanges between the rich colors in Manuel Trabucco’s sax lines and the warm texture of Phill C’s keyboard chords.

The same chemistry is illustrated by Andrea Palozzo’s guitar voicings and Akin’s bass motifs. “Don’t You Worry About It!” encapsulates both the silky-smooth elements of Phill C’s sound, as well as the consistent and robust rhythms he manages to string together.

Add in the inspiring and uplifting vibe he has injected into the arrangement, and it’s easy to see why this song will engage listeners form start to finish. Certainly this track is sweetly refreshing, thanks largely to Phill C’s shimmering keys, and skilled pen-game, which swathes the music in a rich wash of sound.


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