June 18, 2024

TipoZero grew up between rap and rock music (especially metal). He produces his own music and handles the vocals too. He comes from the town of Caserta but spent most of his youth in Tuscany. Due to various problems, especially of an economic nature, he was forced to return to Campania. So he claims that in addition to being a half metal-head and half rapper, he also feels half Tuscan and half Campano. TipoZero’s main influences are: Salmo, Nitro, Mezzosangue, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Caparezza, System Of A Down, In Flames, Noyz Narcos, and Zebrahead.

TipoZero is currently promoting his single, “Inferno Point”, which blends the aforementioned elements of his core influences. All musical barriers crumble when TipoZero is grabs hold of a mic. The Italian native stands out for delivering caustic lyricism, covering a swath of fiery observations and blending genres to make a sound that stands out on its own. Powerful and outspoken, his intensity and thinking outside of the box is commendable.

“Inferno Point” starts on an explosive note as the project incorporates TipoZero’s double-time shock rap, heavy rock influences, and hardcore bars. He proves himself to be a raging rap artist with a machine gun flow. All of which combine to make the signature brand that defines his sound. TipoZero showcases that he can skillfully rap with the best of them, in a fitfully menacing track, while providing mind racing lyricism.

Grasping the gist of TipoZero’s scathing lyricism will obviously be difficult unless you understand Italian, but the tone of his voice and the temperament of his flow, will be enough to convince of his intent, and his talent.

His stylings prosper with an emphasis on staccato multisyllabic rhymes, speed and aggressive vocal delivery.  He makes a concerted effort to vary his delivery through both rhythmic and melodic flow patterns. You’ll note that there are a lot of rhymes in a short amount of time. The thing is, he’s making rhymes while still making sense.

TipoZero postures with more maturity and sensitivity to his song’s subject matter than many of his contemporaries. “Inferno Point” shows us that TipoZero’s flow is elite, his ear for production delightfully twisted between rap and crushing rock, and his lyricism is brutally honest. The rapper’s rapid-fire delivery, punctuated by soaring vocals, is the perfect foil for the thunderous, overdriven guitar riffs, rolling basslines and slamming drums.

TipoZero is able to channel his emotions and thoughts, taken from his personal experiences and observations to create some hard-hitting music on “Inferno Point”. And this is a whole different kind of hard. TipoZero is at his absolute best. Clever lyrics, growling cadence and a focused, bone-crushing production style outshines almost all of his competition. TipoZero is a beast when it comes to crafting music that packs a mighty punch.


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