April 19, 2024

Sebastian Azul is an Angolan artist, producer and songwriter based in London. Known for exploring mental health in his music, Azul’s sound is polished, authentic and purposeful in its mission to uplift and educate.

Stemming from his personal, family and community struggles, Azul’s music spreads messages of love, acceptance and inspiration. From ‘Mental Health Warriors’ to ‘Don’t Wanna Know’, many of his songs boldly tackle the stigmas associated with mental health – Alongside his more didactic tracks, Azul puts out more upbeat, commercial and fun loving records that get you vibing — his R&B-leaning track ‘Agnes’ for example, or the hip-hop/afrobeats crossover hit ‘Girl I Like You’

From producing beats to writing stories, Azul first began making music as a hobby before realising its benefits as a creative and educational outlet. Azul started to pursue his musical talent more professionally in order to raise awareness. Azul’s artistry and inspiration stems largely from visual art, from comic books and graphic novels to drawing.

“I love creativity,” says the producer. “It can distract and take your thoughts into a different dimension.” Hospitalized as a child with a birth defect, Azul found escape and therapy in reading and writing. He says ”those were my boredom killers as well as relief” Azul creates tracks that are both conscious, uplifting and enjoyable, his remarkable passion and integrity can be heard in his music.

Find out more at www.sebastianazul.com

Instagram: sebastianazul5150

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