April 12, 2024

Dun-Dee Willie E is a writer turned music artist. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, he started rap with the group Ol’Madness. Currently promoting his single, “Straight Off The Top”, Dun-Dee Willie E is one of the more technically inventive rappers around, with lithe, adaptable flows, but he emerges on as an unlikely hip-hop traditionalist, infusing his tracks with plenty of wit and entertaining humor. More to the point, it’s exciting to hear a wide-ranging, passionate, adrenaline-firing work from a rapper who really cares, deeply, about rapping. But not to the point of taking himself too seriously.

This is what gives Dun-Dee Willie E the edge over many of his peers and contemporaries, who work so hard to project images of themselves they leave the music behind. Rappers that take themselves too seriously get tiresome quickly. Dun-Dee Willie E does not fall into that trap. He uses laser-sharp wit in his songs to change pace. He also use an eclectic minimal beat that allows his rhymes to run riot over the top.

“Straight Off The Top” shines brightest when Dun-Dee Willie E allows himself to ramble with his stream of consciousness flow:  “Elevator just malfunction on the top floor you know it’s going down. TDP sent the email said kill it O J now. Don’t play round make sure you kill it with a purpose. Make it fit it gone be worth it. Don’t be clowning bring the circus. Too legit but still can flip.” And that’s just the first verse. So be prepared to hit the replay button to properly unfold these rhymes.

As you can hear from “Straight Off The Top”, Dun-Dee Willie E is a different rapper. He retains a humor unlike a wide bunch of Hip Hop artists. It is clever humor. This is an entire new world. While most rappers stick to the same style of flow throughout, it seems like Dun-Dee Willie E could use any style and still pull it off perfectly.

Of course since its hip-hop, Dun-Dee Willie E can be cocky at all times, and is: “On my Trojan horse I ignore whores. If you hating on me you a double whore. Because you will fuck with me and say fuck me and mean it both ways. Bi whore.”

Dun-Dee Willie E’s music feels like the work of a restless brain, one that’s consumed so much experiences and information that it all comes bubbling up every time he opens his mouth. It helps that he has the perfect balance between his off-kilter flow and his calmer flow, creating the right amount of energy when needed. He also switches his rhyme scheme at unexpected times to grab you attention.

Dun-Dee Willie E positions himself as one of the more exciting and original rappers of this uncontrollable hybrid era of hip-hop. Straight Off The Top indicates potential for left-field dominance from a rapper that’s just scratching the surface of his talents here. Dun-Dee Willie E is a true artist and will survive in the game for years to come, simply because he doesn’t follow trends, he makes up his own.


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