April 20, 2024

Tiffany Nesmith Dickerson artistically known as “Mz Tiffany D” was born on April 26 1974 to Joyce and Lewis Nesmith Sr. A singer-songwriter who crosses multiple genres and prides herself on constantly creating music from life experiences.

Tiffany has one adult daughter Alexius Sparkman and is married to Levi Dickerson Jr. Growing up in the small town of Andrews, South Carolina.

Tiffany has three sisters: Angela Oliver, Barbara N Brown and Lateashia Bennett. Unfortunately, her two brothers passed away at early ages Daniel and Lewis Nesmith, Tiffany still suffer emotionally over those tragic losses.

Her passion for music keeps her inspired to write and express herself as a musician. Mz Tiffany D is an artist that allows experiences good or bad to help her send a message we all can relate to in some way.

Mz Tiffany D is on radio rotation with the track “Be-Hind-Us” ft. Joker Centaur.

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