May 13, 2024

One of the best music artists in the business is OlaBoss Balogun from Nigeria, who makes modish and attractive music pieces. His music beats offer a lot of enjoyment and give peace to his listeners. OLABOSS is a well-known music artist who makes HIP-HOP, RNB, and POP music pieces. He has made many music pieces that are viral on the internet. OlaBoss Balogun has been bringing old-time, good-time HIP-HOP, RNB, POP Music to audiences in Nigeria and the world over. Listen to OLABOSS’ Album Nothing Can Stop Me Fly. He has all the good qualities that a good music artist should have. OlaBoss is on radio rotation with the track “Do You Know Where We Are Going”

OlaBoss has upcoming release coming out soon on the 11th of this month – link here
OlaBoss has another release coming out on SoundCloud –  link here

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