July 12, 2024

From Toledo, OH, Hip-hop/R&B artist, songwriter and studio engineer, CJ Da Great is a former high school and college athlete. He began growing his music career while in college attending the University of Cincinnati. One third of the music group IGWE, his style is versatile, combining Hip-hop and harmony. CJ Da Great has worked with industry producers from Cincinnati, OH to Miami, FL. He has also toured with Royce Da 5’9 (Bad Meets Evil Tour). His influences growing up included Bone-Thugs-Harmony, 2Pac, Lil Wayne & Dr. Dre.

Currently an artist and owner of his own company HIT GANG MUSIC ENT., CJ Da Great sounds reinvigorated on his single “Quarantine Twerk” ft. Dizzy Fowlkes. The flows are crisper, his wordplay is more colorful, and the beat is pristine. Listening to music by CJ Da Great, is easy and familiar, like turning on the TV and landing on your favorite show. He knows his way around the hooks and grooves that make up an ear-worming banger.

The production is basic and straightforward, showing no intention of delivering excess bullshit. Riding on a resonant piano and thumping drum beat, along with skittering hi-hats, it bangs straight out of the box. A heavy-hitting kick drum, and hard verses, is all CJ Da Great needs to go off on a rhyming tangent. His main focus here is getting those knees bended and those booties popping. Something “Quarantine Twerk” ft. Dizzy Fowlkes succeeds at easily.

Dizzy Fowlkes backs up CJ Da Great in the perfect way, adding an extra flavor and dynamic to the track. In terms of cadence, flow, rhymes and rhythm, these guys deliver, without having to step outside their comfort zones. “Quarantine Twerk” ft. Dizzy Fowlkes will definitely get your head nodding…and her booty shaking.

“Quarantine twerk. In the house, on the couch. Quarantine twerk. She a freak, she a beast. Baby make ya knees work,” exclaims CJ Da Great. His ability to ride the beat and hold interest levels, is brilliantly showcased, before Dizzy Fowlkes jumps in to raise adrenalin levels. CJ Da Great is both a distinctly modern artist, and a throwback to the bombastic A-listers of the early 2000s, with his easy charm and gift for wordplay.

Regardless of any past experiences and influences, CJ Da Great keeps his sights set straight ahead. This benefits his particular style and rap flow, making sure his templates run parallel with what is happening on the scene right now, yet still setting him apart from the rest of the noise.

CJ Da Great makes sure that never loses his signature touch, which can also be fully savored on his “Cooking Up Vol.1” project. Here you’ll notice how CJ Da Great’s multifaceted delivery is constantly showcased in his music time and time again.

Now with “Quarantine Twerk” ft. Dizzy Fowlkes, you have now been formally and officially introduced to CJ Da Great. It’s a good time to go back and check out his “Cooking Up Vol.1” project, for a full immersion into the state of his craft.

CONNECT: IG:@iamcjdagreat – Twitter: @cjdagreat – YouTubeSPOTIFYAPPLE MUSIC

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