May 25, 2024

Hec Veteranii is a Connecticut-born hip-hop artist that also has a background in R&B.  Featuring the kind of singing associated with melodic crooning, over a banging bass bottom, as well as rapid-fire bad bitch bars, Hec can bring on the heat, from any angle. It’s very hard for you to put into one single box, what you think Hec Veteranii should be, and that’s entirely by design and exactly how he wants it to be.

Hec is from a new generation of artists that are not going to be held to the clichés of one region, one genre, or one style. He is flexible in his approach, working with whatever flow best fits the song he wants to do at the time.

As a result “Liability” is an ambitious single that takes its chances and succeeds. He takes his versatile talent and spreads all across the track, showing off his knack for writing and spitting bars, as well as his crooning prowess. And in doing such, Hec Veteranii sounds like a well-seasoned artist who may surprise us all with just how much he accomplishes in the music industry.

The combination of radio friendly patterns and motifs in “Liability”, twisted and shifted into something much more intriguing, is highly effective. Where Hec Veteranii shines, he shines brightly. He is a talented spitter, one that will receive props from true rap heads, but his ear for melody and hooks is what makes him stand out.

If keeps putting out quality releases like this, Hec Veteranii will soon be causing a ruckus, with his high energy and unrelenting deliveries. The guy is just so damn entertaining. His double-threat delivery and beat selection give him a huge advantage over his contemporaries. “Liability” is bound to get any function immediately turnt, as Hec easily and smoothly transitions from spitting bars to intoning musical syllables.

The focus in a song like “Liability”, shows an artist who is very serious about his time in the booth and the results of that effort. He’s clearly not on any syrup, smoked out or faded as he delivers bar after bar. That gives the track a much more powerful impact.

Hec Veteranii has the kind of voice that stands out in a crowd let alone a crowded field of artists hungry to get noticed. Moreover there is an ocean of depth beneath the surface level of his voice. Some tracks feel manufactured and some feel hand crafted, “Liability” falls into the latter category.

The haunting production in “Liability”, amplifies the mood, but its Hec Veteranii’s songwriting range and performances consistency that holds the track together. It’s undeniably the product of a strong willed performer. It’s a showcase of versatility that plays to its creator’s strengths enough to feel like a definitive statement.

There’s a quality to “Liability” that suggests Hec Veteranii will only keep improving over time. Throughout the track, Hec shows the versatility that most new major label artists are striving to achieve.


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