May 24, 2024

M-Dash is a veteran rapper from Vallejo, CA. He is a West Coast Hip Hop Award Winner who has released numerous albums, compilations, and singles. His new single “Monopolize” is a track taken off his new upcoming album “Elevation”. For decades and counting, the West Coast has been home to historic hip-hop dynasties that have changed pop culture. Without question, it is still having a seismic impact given its storied past that continues to make way for artists to break down the floodgates, and pour out across the nation. M-Dash, with “Monopolize” shows that he has mastered the art of making his groove commercially accessible, on a track that essentially reintroduces him as a newly energized emcee.

As far as goon rappers go, M-Dash is bright and damn sure intelligible. He’s endlessly charismatic without brandishing a fake brand or shoving his persona down our throats. He’s just there, doing his thing. His new track “Monopolize” radiates panache and expense in its lush sound, and trunk-rattling beat framing his energy as the bridging factor between his generation and the next.

“Monopolize” is a solid technical showing, and some of the best music that M-Dash has made to date. The rapper commands a particular kind of energy that sparks even the most standard of rhyme schemes and cadences into something exciting and vibe-inducing. M-Dash spits in all comfort, as he pushes forward full steam on the instrumental, almost as if he’s not even breaking a sweat.

“Monopolize” finds M-Dash doubling down on his swagger and vocal grit, using it to push his sound towards its chosen direction. Whereas rappers of his ilk typically are unwise to, or against the workings of pop culture’s influence in hip-hop, M-Dash embraces, and then challenges them. His delivery snaps at every word as if they’ve never been spoken before, invoking a cunning flow. It sees the rapper flexing loudly and confidently.

This is the type of anthemic motivational anthem that can appeal to anybody. By the time that the track wraps up, the monstrous slapping beat and high-energy pace of M-Dash’s lively delivery will have won you over.

On “Monopolize”, M-Dash stands at the crossroads of rap’s traditional past and a vibrant future that can be shaped in any way that he sees fit. Here he hovers around the traditional West Coast sound that is his shtick. It leads to a technically-sound track without any flaws.

Technically, “Monopolize” is truly good. The intensity of M-Dash’s delivery leads to some of the best rapping that you’ll hear from the Bay area this year. The artist utilizes his gritty vocals like a sword slicing through the thumping production.

The track also picks up via its dense and broody bass riffs, which creates a raw energy that’s hard to ignore. All in all, sonically of M-Dash has really stepped it up, the beat hits hard in all the right places and are filled with lots of funky groove.

“Monopolize” will have no trouble transcending the flurry of releases that have come out, and will continue to come out, over the next few months. This is the track you just pop in, ride in your car, and vibe to. M-Dash kills it.

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