July 23, 2024

Zulugod is an international pop singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor. He launched his music career in 2014 when he won “Best Music Video of the Year” at Coast to Coast, titled “Fuck The System”. Since then he has switched to a more melodic and lyrical style. He came out flying with an epic video for the track, “Pillow Talk”, which he followed up with by a series of hit singles, and now strikes back with his 2021 EP “Global Destination”.  This EP is really all over the place instrumentally and sonically which makes this a very interesting recording. There’s clear R&B, Afrobeats, trap, pop, Latino, hip-hop, and tons of influences throughout. I can really go for any of those genres in a certain mood so blending them together makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. All the songs have big, sexy, glistening productions.

There’s a general dance vibe throughout which makes this an entertaining record for all reasons – for listening obviously, or to throw on at a party, at the beach, or really anywhere. This EP is very summery and something you can keep coming back to for any occasion you want.

“Global Destination” builds on the intoxicating charm of the opening track, “Ayona”, doubling down on atmosphere and lush instrumentation. Zulugod’s mellifluous vocals quickly come to the forefront, as it weaves its way across the shimmering sounds.

“Decide” has that handclapping blend of Afro-Pop and Reggaeton sway, where the staggered keys bounce off the thumping bass drum beat. The track has an inherent movement, as if the instruments are dancing along with the singer.

Beyond any critical examination, just as someone who loves music, you will absolutely be captivated by this track and the performances thereon. Zulugod is totally in his element here, as everything flows so naturally, moving us towards a more expressive, expansive style, with a bustling beat and breezy vocals.

Zulugod can also occupy a more combative, bombastic headspace, and within the space of a few minutes, dives head first into the sanguine, banging euphoria of “Flicking Me”. Zulugod mastery of combining rap and other elements remains powerfully impacting here.

What really makes this production special, is the way that the beat and vocal ideas are so seamlessly integrated. Perhaps more than any other on the EP, the track highlights Zulugod pure vocal and songwriting ability.

Throughout “Global Destination”, Zulugod reminds everyone of his potential to reach the highest level. This is an EP full of powerful vocal performances from Zulugod himself. The recording simultaneously shoves its messages right in your face, whilst providing musical subtleties that make this EP well worth returning to for multiple listens. The production on “Global Destination” is just as striking as the vocal work.

Zulugod’s varying cadence and ear for an interesting pop melody really elevate this record. “Global Destination” is Zulugod time to show us who he is, and it stands as a testament to where he’s has come from and where he plans to go. This is a powerful and honest project and is absolutely worth lots of your time.


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