May 28, 2024

In a music world where genre-blending is quickly becoming the norm, emo finds itself getting mixed across the music scene in some pretty incredible ways. Since as far back as 2018, emo rap was the fastest-growing genre on Spotify. The cross-blended genre has only gotten bigger since then, bringing forth a whole new wave of artists and heartfelt lyrics that’ll have your heart aching. 4evercrushed is a 19 year old rapper who moved from a gang area in Gainesville, Florida to the better opportunity Bluffton, South Carolina.

“I’m an emo rapper and singer, because it really helps me get emotions out and into the world,” says 4evercrushed. His 3 track single, “Falling” is about how he feels that no matter how hard he tries, he always fails.

Despite the fact that you can very much hear the pain, anxiety and heartbreak that have fueled the creator, the undeniable facet of these songs is 4evercrushed’s ability to pen snappy, catchy tracks. It’s an infectious coming together of easy-on-the-ear melodies and dark lyrics.

On the opening “faded”, 4evercrushed’s cathartic lyrics are perfectly backed-up by instrumentation that is at its most impactful. Making proper use of the instruments allows the emo-rap formula to be stretched beyond the tropes of the genre. Instead of being hazy, saccharine and drawn-out backdrops, the music is crisp, warm and vibrant, offering a flawless juxtaposition to the lyrics.

“I said this loves growing faded. You dont wanna love, just say it. You dont wanna date me, just say it,” sings 4evercrushed. His voice pulsates with sentiment, and even though his heart has been crushed, he avoids self-pity, and instead goes on the counter-attack, searching for truth and honesty about a failed relationship.

One thing that is consistent throughout this record is 4evercrushed’s ability to convey the depth of emotion that lies behind the music, without ever becoming overwrought or melodramatic in any way.

Much like Post Malone, 4evercrushed injects his genre blurring soundscape with thicker guitars and post-hardcore influences on the catchy groove of “more than friends” ft. daTe, to elevate the record.

He splices together atmospheric pop harmonies, and contemporary rap techniques with a sharp precision, and great vocals. The track bounces inside a snapping beat, taught pre-choruses, and a deceptively simple hook with a captivating energy.

“made the move” (prod. Doza) serves as another natural progression for 4evercrushed. “When we slow dance. Just promise me you’ll stay here. I cannot lose you tonight,” sings 4evercrushed, his anguish and insecurities ever-present.

However, yet again, he shows admirable restraint, as he focuses on using his talent for storytelling to paint a nuanced picture of his emotional state, rather than allowing his emotions to run away with the narrative. That is what really sets 4evercrushed apart from his genre-contemporaries and many of his peers.

The instrumental palette remains one that is simultaneously rich and also inherently representative of a deep understanding of his musical ambition. This fresh take on the genre by 4evercrushed, makes “Falling” absolutely endearing to listen to.


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