July 23, 2024

An independent artist from Bowie, Maryland, Lucky Ezemobi goes by the stage name of Lucky Ezy. He has been doing music for a while now, making anything from Afrobeats to Hip hop. “I started off making beats which I still do,” says Lucky. “Music that is good is eternal.” A quick run through his catalog confirms that sonically, there is a solid soundtrack backing Lucky Ezy’s every move.

Lucky Ezy is currently promoting the track “Suns Down”, which forms part of his respectable and growing discography. In less than 3 minutes, Lucky displays the stylistic and topical versatility that has made him into the powerhouse he is. The artist’s introspective side seems to have taken another turn for the better as his lyricism and songwriting are more personal than ever.

Instagram: lucky_ezy_
Twitter: LuckyEzy345
Spotify: Lucky Ezy
All major music platforms: Lucky Ezy
SoundCloud: Lucky Ezy

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