June 24, 2024

Emotion, honesty and authenticity are some of those unquantifiable traits that many artists search for, but never quite find. You can’t artificially build these elements into a song through a particular collection of words and phrases; you can’t swagger or lament your way there. It just happens when you put yourself out there, daring people to listen, challenging those listeners to believe whatever those stories are trying to tell.

Shirena Parker achieves this status easily. Her catalog is full of songs that are wonderful and easy to listen, and to relate to. She has the voice, the attitude, and the way with a melody that could have her at the top of the Pop, R&B and Hip-hop charts with piles of crossover potential for years to come.

That’s why Shirena Parker’s latest single, “Two Times”, is so important – it gives her a chance to establish her name as a force in the aforementioned Pop, R&B and Hip-hop scenes. Born in Mosul Iraq, Parker’s journey to the USA was not an easy one. As an independent artist she is the first from her country to be featured in Times Square (6/4/21), and now she is ready to move to the next level.

As you might expect, “Two Times” overshadows pretty much everything else in her already excellent playlist – it’s just too damn insanely catchy to beat. The air-tight production is what gives Shirena Parker momentum, but it’s the ultra-catchy vocal hook in the chorus that is the real killer. The song simmers and throbs, and then soars on the coattails of Parker’s soulful and nuanced vocals.

Shirena Parker is the kind of songstress this generation needs. Her latest single delivers an authentic and refreshing soulful sound that is missing in much of today’s music. The track is filled with novel types of groovy rhythm and blues flavors the game has been missing for quite some time. You know that classic-sounding echo, of genuine sentiment and relatable innuendos.

What is most notable upon listening to “Two Times”, is that Shirena Parker manages to strike an impressive balance, exploring the depths of love – the light and dark moments of a connected relationship, as well as the loss of connection, all wrapped up into one song. Parker’s strong vocal ability, displayed in this song, places her way above many other artists in her lane.

Shirena Parker, creates an infectious sound that is familiar to current radio air play on the Pop/R&B charts, and showcases the artist’s ability to keep up and even surpass her peers in these genres.

On this perfectly written gem, Parker is completely comfortable, as she magically blends with the beat, showcasing a natural chemistry for this particular sound and styling. Short, yet powerful, this track undeniably sets the scene for what promises to be a glorious future.

On “Two Times”, the Iraqi born singing talent – Shirena Parker – proves she is very much here to stay and that she is just one hit away from breaking out globally.

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